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Yacht lamp design

This is a model made for a cliënt during periodic work for a lamp design company called BD-design. The quest was to design a 3D model from 2D sketches that were delivered. 
Thereafter, the cliënt wanted a physical model to examine the dimensions and shapes of the design. Due to a lack of time, making a metal prototype would have taken too much time in this case.  I was asked to produce a physical 3D printed mock-up model in the given colors. The model was printed in basic colors and a transparent part that should look like the glass part that the final production model would have. The parts in the basic colors were polished and painted to make the model look more like the actual metal product. The model was sent to the cliënt and the project is approved. The final product is now in production. 



Project :     Mock-up design, 2018


Cliënt :       BD-design, Vitters


Details :     The product was 3D printed, polished and painted






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