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Weckpot Coffee chair


This furniture is inspired by the iconic early-20th century ‘’Le Parfait’’ weck jar. The Weckpot Coffee Chair is a multifunctional design which suits every living room. Weckpot Coffee Chair is a (perhaps boorish) merging of the coffee table and the chair which matches it. This is because you can easily transform the table into a chair using the same mechanism as seen in the original jars. At the same time, the simple, robust design is in line with the practical character of the original jars.

A little metal profile is adjusted to make the backrest lockdown when it is lifted up so you can enjoy leaning back while drinking your morning coffee. The stool is hollow and the seat is adjustable so you are able to store stuff inside, its weight is decreased which makes it an easy to move a piece of furniture.

          The design is like the original shape of the jar, but simplified; clean lines and contrasting materials. The stool consists of several parts; an MDF CNC-milled bottom, bent layers of wood veneer in the middle, an upholstered seat and a cover (same made as the bottom). The main parts are connected with metal tubes.

            There are three different combinations of materials possible with variable wood finishes, tubes, and seats (see the images below).


Project :     VT-wonen design contest, small furniture, 2016

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