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PHILIPS hairdryer redesign


In this project, I redesigned an existing PHILIPS hairdryer from around the 00’s. The design was carefully analyzed and reassembled in an effort to reconfigure the main inner parts from the tool. The design language of PHILIPS nowadays (“sense and simplicity”) was taken into account by determining the baselines of the new design. Secondly, a specific identity was chosen by making a mood board according to five keywords that described the intended character of the product. The words were picked after studying the vision and the style of the brand, in particular hairdryers and other similar products.
The outcome was a product that was innovative and compact but had a friendly character with flowing curves. The product had to be designed for a unisex millennial that has an independent vision about its lifestyle.

pallet of the product is kept neutral, like the old model. The ergonomics of the tool are designed after qualitative as well as quantitative research among the right audience. The hairdryer is designed to be mass made using co-
This model is a result of ideation by sketching as well as model making with Styrofoam.
injectionmoulding. The material that is used is ABS in combination with TPE-x.



Project:                   University of Amsterdam, first year, 2014, Product Evolution  (redesign)

(Fictitious) client:  PHILIPS

Details:                   Final product is a mock-up

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