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Hanging lantern BD-design


This pendant lantern is designed of leftovers in my old internship company, BD-design. From an earlier project in a private yacht, there was around 20 m of length left of Satinice PMMA material. The profiles were, as seen from above, thirds of a circle. The individual pieces had a quite difficult shape to make something interesting out of; it weren't flat strokes and it weren't pipes, shapes with which you could design something. The profiles were specific shapes for a specific project. 
I went brainstorming and sketching ideas to find possibilities I could give the rest material more value. One of my ideas was to go back to a ''normal'' shaped profile, like a pipe-profile. Therefore I had to design a way to connect the 1/3 -parts of the pipe together. I added a touch of my own taste to the project; different materials, and differences in texture and finishes. Besides that, I wanted to retain a ''natural'' color palette. 

I came to the conclusion to make my own little profiles of wood that functioned as a ''connector'' to make the individual PMMA parts join back together. The whole had to find stability in one other end, and there would have been a side where the cable and light source were connected to the armature. I made a round metal fit that consists of two rings cut out of a brass pipe and I made a brass cover and soldered the parts together seamlessly. Next, I patinated the metal part with blue lye to give it a gunmetal finish and brushed it afterward. Finally, the two parts were glued into each other and a light bulb and cable were installed.


Project : Internship rest material design, 2018


Details : The lamp armature has been manufactured at BD-design

satinice grouo.jpg
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