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Corkdry x VANMOOF


With this conceptual design, the bike saddle is reinvented. One of the main problems bikers are facing today is the disappointment of a wet saddle caused by the rain. By taking the advantages of the characteristics of the natural material cork and the inventive mechanism, this saddle is the solution for the wet bum. The design is in one word: simple; it is built with only 6 main parts made of durable materials and in only a jiffy you can turn the dry (bottom) side up.



Project :                  Universtiy of Amsterdam

                                2nd year,  2015                                                                  Concepts/Branding

(Fictitious) Client : VANMOOF


Colleagues :           Silver de Kwaasteniet

                                Timo van der Woud 

Details :                  Presented at Ventura                                                        Lambrate, Milan Design Week                                          2017@studentdesign

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