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Multifunctional chain tool


This mass production, multi-functional chain tool is specially designed on behalf of Black and Decker for a specific target audience; family men around 40 who like to exert outdoor-sports (in particular mountain biking).

   The design is compact and easy to use so it can be brought on the road during mountain biking, for example. It has multiple functions; one of them is a ratchet bit driver which can be used for different screws, the other function is a chain tool with which you can replace your broken bicycle chain link. When the tool is closed, you’re able to use the ratchet while the chain tool is protected from dust and other dirt. When you open the tool with one simple move, the plastic cap transforms in a handle to screw the metal punch in and out. The tool also has three storage units for essential bits included. 

    Form follows function in this product, moreover, the new design language Black and Decker uses is translated into this new tool with geometric shapes and patterns and stratification and relief and obviously, the color-to-color ratio that brands typical modern Black and Decker products.

   The design is for the biggest part made of PA-GF15 using injection-molding techniques and is designed to be sold for a respectable retail price.


Project :                   University of Amsterdam, 2th year, mass production, 2016

(Fictitious) Client :   Black and Decker

Details :                    The final prototype is 3D-printed

render 1.JPG
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